Why Publishing Great Content is just the Beginning

So, you’ve finally settled into a healthy pattern of creating inspired, well-directed content that speaks to your readership and taps into their psyche, while building your brand and getting your unique message into the consciousness of the people that matter in your world? Great! But is your content actually being read by the people you have in mind when producing or delegating all of those great content ideas?

Address the writing / promotion imbalance

If you are spending 90% of your time writing content as a digital marketer and only 10% of your time is invested in making sure that content reaches the right homes, then you have the balance all wrong. In reality you should probably spend only 15-20% of your time writing the content and 75-80% of your time promoting it. This doesn’t mean you cut back on your total time invested writing content, but rather you really need to step up the amount of time you spend making sure people actually read it. Let’s take a look at how you go about doing this.

Boost traffic by sending a teaser

While many companies will make the mistake of sending an entire article to their mail out subscribers by email (if you do this then how will it drive traffic?), what really does help is to send out a juicy, enticing teaser that implores your readership to click on the link to the full article and finish reading. Perhaps pose a pressing question and include a snippet of an answer. It’s all about giving the readers no choice but to give in to the urge to follow the link to the full article. Enticing Calls to Action should be underestimated at your peril.

Let others do the work

The content marketing world is surprisingly symbiotic and the need to get key influencers on board to share your posts on their social media is imperative and can make a vast difference, swelling your readership to unparalleled heights. It is important to reach out to the right influencers and using a range of tools to do so is a very good idea.

This is a cracking tool from Moz that works by filtering tweets related to your chosen blog topic so you can find relevant influencers and get in touch with them.

Klout is another very simple but effective tool that not only helps you to create and share your content but has a search function, whereby you simply type your keyword into the search bar and a list of top influencers will be generated.

While there are a plethora of other tools, one that also definitely deserves a mention is BuzzSumo, which is purpose built for the task we are interested in. Just search for your topic and you will get a list of influencers who have recently shared similar content. Furthermore if you click on the ‘view links shared’ button you will see all of the recent links your chosen influencer has shared. By seeing how many they typically share you will be able to gauge whether they are worth contacting.

Fine-tune your Social Media Campaign

Yes, I know that it’s like flogging a dead horse, but the importance of getting your social media house in order really cannot be overstated and in the context of content marketing it is even more relevant. While sharing content via social media is a start and everyone needs to begin somewhere, the wisest online marketers adopt an “evergreen” social media method that involves content which is shared and recycled via your social media on a perpetual basis. Sites like MeetEdgar are great for this and allow content or different aspects of the same content to be posted more than once and scheduled to do so. You also need to consider what days and times are best to post content on your various platforms. Signing up for a social media scheduling tool can also help in this regard. To use an extreme example it is no use content being shared via social media at a time when your target audience is all in bed, as by the time they wake up, your tweet or share will be well down the list of updates and more likely to be lost in a sea of other updates vying for your attention.

It’s never too late to refresh your best performing articles

Google and other search engines deploy algorithms to measure an article’s ‘freshness’ quotient before ranking it in their list of results. This is reason enough to ensure that you revisit better performing articles and update them for freshness and relevancy on a regular basis. A useful tip is simultaneous with publishing articles, set up a reminder to revisit them – this will ensure that all articles are given equal opportunity to shine and shine again.