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SERPBook is powerful SEO tool that is used as rank tracker for all your SEO campaigns. It has a clean and modern rank tracker dashboard that gives it easy user interface with lots of customization options. The tool gives accurate keyword ranking and tracking results in just few clicks.

serpbook coupon code - startupworld

serpbook coupon code - startupworld

What is SerpBook all about?

If you are searching for the great solutions to get accurate keyword ranking and tracking results in an easy way, SerpBook is the best option for you. The company is founded in the year 2011 and is based in Toronto, Canada. It is a powerful SEO tool meant to track the rank of your website. It will work side by side with you and help you with picking the best option for each aspect, which on the whole manage your search engine rankings. The tool gives their customers the ability to collect keyword rankings which can be shared with their clients. With SerpBook, it is not only easy to get the accurate information but also the information is viewed from any device with internet access making it extremely convenient. The very best part of SerpBook is that you don’t need to manage proxies as it will automatically be done by SerpBook.


Why SerpBook?

why serpbook - startupworld

why serpbook - startupworld

SerpBook is an easy to use SEO rank tracker tool letting you access several snapshots so that you can see real time how you are faring in all of the major search engines. This efficient tool allows you to share the statistics with your teams, clients, or anybody you wish in just a few clicks of your mouse. SerpBook has a simple, intuitive interface, so you will never get frustrated, lost, or wondering what to do next. You can also easily access anything from one handy dashboard, and thus you can get a better focus on your SEO efforts. Some of the outstanding benefits of SerpBook are:

  • This tool lets you manage your keywords into categories. You can keep track and easily check your keywords.
  • With this tool, you can get active instant notifications if your keywords move around.
  • You can use this tool for API access that includes unlimited API calls, access to RAW data, and a unique API link for each category.
  • You can also use SerpBook to share a category with your clients. It means you can do a live keyword search to view the position.


Features of SerpBook

serpbook features - startupworld

serpbook features - startupworld

Powerful Rank Tracker

SerpBook is a powerful rank tracker for all your SEO campaigns. It’s Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank tracker is included in every package.

Clean and Modern Interface

With having a clean and modern rank tracker dashboard, SerpBook gives you a strong user experience every time.

Boost Your Performance

SerpBook helps you in finding out which SEO methods work, and which do not and thus saving your valuable time and resources.

Easy to customize

SerpBook is easily customizable from mixing and matching columns to setting a time zone. You can hide the unwanted columns from the clients or choose to show everything to them; it depends on you.

Superior support

SerpBook offers a very impressive support to their clients. You can get a prompt response from their client support team for all your issues and queries.


Pricing and Packages

serpbook pricing - startupworld

serpbook pricing - startupworld

SerpBook comes with five pricing packages:

1. Personal Daily

This package is perfect for personal projects or small websites who are just starting out. It will cost you $23 per month and gives daily updates, two hundred fifty on-demand updates, and two hundred fifty keywords tracked.

2. Beginner Daily

This plan will cost you $45 per month and is suitable for the websites expanding into a larger keyword space. It offers daily updates, seven hundred fifty keywords tracked and seven hundred fifty on-demand updates.

3. Standard Daily

This one is best for growing teams or the websites relying on organic traffic. It is available for just $75 per month. Here you can get daily updates, fifteen hundred keywords tracked, and fifteen hundred on-demand updates as well.

4. Advanced Daily

If you have a high organic traffic website, this package is the great option and will cost you only $130 per month. It comes up with daily updates, three thousand keywords tracked, and three thousand on-demand updates.

5. Enterprise Daily

This package is great for large teams as well as huge websites which are analyzing huge data. To get the features of this plan, you have to pay $368 per month. It involves daily updates, ten thousand keywords tracked, and ten thousand on-demand updates.


SerpBook offers a seven-day money back guarantee on all the above pricing plans. So don’t worry if you are not satisfied with their services, as they are offering you a full refund on your purchase.


Final Words

SerpBook is a must-have tool to track your most major keywords. It simple and easy interface, as well as affordable pricing options, set it apart in the crowd. The platform is simple and also very efficient and effective that gives everyone a chance to track their rankings more accurately. So if you want to take your keyword tracking to the next level, SerpBook is definitely a great platform for you.